About Cocktail recepten

You will probably recognise it: you want to make a cocktail but you don't know what you can make with the things you already have. This was also our problem; you just wanted to make a cocktail at home but after some googling you don't have everything you need. This is why we created the Cocktail shaker that can be found on our website. With the Cocktail shaker you can enter and select the ingredients you have in your cupboard. By pressing the "shake" button you are instantly shown the cocktails that you can create using the ingredients that you already have at hand, neat right?

Cocktail recipes is a website meant for the real home-barkeeper!

- Thomas, Cocktail recepten

Our aim with this website is, apart from making it easier to find cocktails, to inspire and motivate visitors to make tasty and beautiful cocktails! We are not professional photographers, bartenders or mixologists, we haven't taken a course and unfortunately we don't know all the recipes by heart. With this website we want to challenge you and show you that anyone can make cocktails, because in the end it's all about the taste and not about the Insta-fame (well, maybe a little bit...).

Who are we?

I'm Thomas, developer by profession and lover of cocktails. I'm especially fond of the 'Sour' and 'Mule' cocktails, which I love to take to the park in a thermos or out on the balcony in the sun. I think the most surprising combinations I've come across are cocktails with beer, such as stouts and IPA's, combined with a strong espresso or a bubbly champagne. My goal for Cocktail recepten is to make finding great cocktails easier and faster!