Cocktail recipes

Cocktail recipes come in different shapes and sizes and can consist of a number of ingredients. On this page you can find all our cocktail recipes by filtering by ingredients, flavour, color, with a particular theme or special occasion. Want to know which cocktail you can make with the ingredients you already have? Then use our Cocktail shaker!

How do you choose your cocktail?

Choosing a cocktail can sometimes not be easy. Are you looking for something sweet, something sour or do you prefer a coffee cocktail? To help you on your way, you can filter by the type of ingredient, but also the taste and cocktails for a special occasion such as Christmas, Sinterklaas or Easter. If you already have a lot of ingredients at home, then you can use our Cocktail shaker. Fill and select your ingredients and instantly find the cocktail you can make! Prefer alcohol-free or virgin cocktails? In our non-alcoholic cocktails category you can find the best non-alcoholic alternatives to real cocktail classics.

Drink cocktails together

It's always time for a cocktail, that's why we say: "It's five o'clock somewhere". And what could be more fun than drinking cocktails? Exactly, drinking cocktails together! That is why we have listed the most delicious "drinking-together-cocktails" in one category. Cocktails in fisbowls, you know those old fishbowls but without fish, cocktails in carafes or how about, for example, different types of Sangrias that you put on the table at a party and guests with a spoon themselves can operate. You can't think of it crazy enough!