Sparkling Gin Lemon

Sparkling Gin Lemon


sweet and sour



The name of this cocktail actually tells you exactly what it is! But what's great about this drink is, you can very simply make several variations of it! How? By choosing a different flavour of syrup each time! Try out different (fruit) flavours and decide which is your favourite!

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For 2 persons

Sparkling water
150 ml
0.5 pieces
25 ml
Syrup (fruit flavour)
0.5 tbsp
Select unit


  1. Step 1 of 4

    Take a tumbler (or long drink glass) and put some ice cubes in it.

  2. Step 2 of 4

    Squeeze the lemon into the glass. If you don't use fresh lemon, count on 25 ml of lemon juice per person.

  3. Step 3 of 4

    Add the syrup and gin. Top the glass with the sparkling water and stir briefly.

  4. Step 4 of 4

    Garnish with a slice of lemon.

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