Strawberry Cheesecake

Strawberry Cheesecake


fruity and sweet



Cheesecake is becoming more and more common on menus as a dessert and it is also easy to make yourself at home! But ever tried it as a cocktail? Don't want to serve a standard cheesecake for once? Then easily make it yourself with just 3 ingredients!

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For 2 persons

Strawberry liqueur
15 ml
Yoghurt liqueur
50 ml
Lime juice
15 ml
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  1. Step 1 of 3

    Take a tumbler glass and half fill it with ice (crushed ice or ice cubes).

  2. Step 2 of 3

    Add the yoghurt liqueur, strawberry liqueur and lime juice.

  3. Step 3 of 3

    Stir once and garnish with a strawberry.

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