Dutch Ambassador

Dutch Ambassador

The Dutch Ambassador is a cocktail that includes our Dutch Orange bitters. Because let's face it, on King's Day we do have to stand up for our country with the orange colour! So why not celebrate it with an orange cocktail?


For 2 persons

40 ml
Lime juice
30 ml
Orange bitters
20 ml
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  1. Step 1 of 4

    Take a cocktail shaker and put some ice cubes in it.

  2. Step 2 of 4

    Add the gin, Oranjebitter and the (fresh) lime juice. Shake!

  3. Step 3 of 4

    Take a martini glass (or other cocktail glass) and pour the cocktail into it through a strainer.

  4. Step 4 of 4

    Garnish with an orange zest.

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