Sour Sparkle

Sour Sparkle





The Sour Sparkle is a tasty and sour cocktail with a slight fizzy due to the addition of the Sprite. And the great thing about this drink is that you also get a sweet with it! In fact, at the bottom of the glass we put a sour mat! Fun and tasty too!


For 2 persons

120 ml
Sour rolls
2 piece
Sourz redberry
40 ml
Select unit


  1. Step 1 of 3

    Take a long drink glass and put a sour mat in it. Add some ice cubes as well.

  2. Step 2 of 3

    Pour in the Sourz and top with the Sprite.

  3. Step 3 of 3

    If necessary, stir once and have an extra sour mat with it!

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