Rocketshot Colada

Rocketshot Colada





The Rocketshot Colada is just like a milkshake! It has a delicious strawberry and coconut flavour and is nice and fluffy and not too sweet. Be careful because you will drink it away in no time!

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For 2 persons

Pineapple juice
40 ml
Coconut milk
40 ml
40 ml
Rocketshot Pink
40 ml
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  1. Step 1 of 4

    Take a cocktail shaker and put some ice cubes in it.

  2. Step 2 of 4

    Add the Rocketshot, Malibu, coconut milk and pineapple juice. Shake!

  3. Step 3 of 4

    Take a long drink glass and put some ice cubes in it.

  4. Step 4 of 4

    Pour the cocktail through a strainer into the glass.

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