Royal Orange

Royal Orange

On King's Day, this is the cocktail to serve because of its beautiful orange colour, of course! But in terms of taste (and on any other day) this cocktail is also a winner! You make it directly in the glass and with the ingredients amaretto, prosecco, orange and sparkling water.


For 2 persons

30 ml
Sparkling water
30 ml
45 ml
1 pieces
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  1. Step 1 of 4

    Fill a white wine glass with some ice cubes.

  2. Step 2 of 4

    Cut the orange into quarters and squeeze the juice from one quarter of the orange into the glass.

  3. Step 3 of 4

    Then add the orange bitters, amaretto, prosecco and sparkling water.

  4. Step 4 of 4

    Stir lightly and serve with a spiral of orange zest.

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