Virgin cocktails

Alcohol-free cocktails, or Virgin cocktails, are becoming increasingly popular. You can find them under different names such as mocktails or non-alcoholic cocktails. Drinking no alcohol for a day (or at all) certainly does no harm and is just as enjoyable! Many people therefore participate in 'Dry January' as a New Year's resolution. This means not drinking any alcohol for the whole month of January. Are you ready to join in or do you just want to do without alcohol? Then try alcohol-free cocktails! They look and taste just as nice! Nowadays, many alcoholic drinks also come in a 0.0 variant. Then you do have the taste of the original but without alcohol, super easy! But sometimes you can also replace the drink in a cocktail with other ingredients to mimic the flavour. So if you don't drink alcohol, no problem, because on this page you'll find plenty of tasty alternatives!